adabuttLeave your troubles outside.

Join me on a journey through the dark and twisted waters of our erotic minds. Free yourself from the noise, the deadlines, and the emails for a little while. Bask in pleasure. Revel in pain. Find freedom in your subservience to me.

I may be a new apprentice with Pavlovia Denver,  but BDSM has been a part of my identity for many years, and I have been playing hard in the local scene for a few now. I have a strong appetite for all things sadistic and a deep craving to wrap you in rope.

I seek to create scenes for my clients that go beyond mere physical sensation. I want to envelop you in new worlds of pleasure and pain, psychological torment, and pure ecstasy. I want to take you away from your day to day persona and bring you face to face with your authentic self and all of it’s secret desires.

Favorite colors: red, green, black

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adafaceSome of my Specialtiesadalatex

  • Rope bondage: whether on the floor or suspended in air, you will look beautiful in my rope. Rope may be sensual, restrictive, painful, or simply artistic depending on my mood. Regardless, it will look and feel amazing on your eager skin.
  • Impact play: floggers, whips, paddles, and canes are all a delight to me. Whether you desire no markings or a deep bruise to remind you of your service to me, I will find impact sensations to tease and torment you.
  • Degradation and humiliation: I am skilled in both physical and psychological humiliation. Let me tear down your identity, your core self, and free you to explore new realms of your mind.
  • Cock and Ball Torture: From light kicks to restrictive clamps, I’ll be sure you know that your beloved manhood means nothing to me.
  • Electrical play: TENS, Violet wands, and stun guns, oh my! I’m sure we’ll have an electrifying session together.
  • Boot/Foot worship: Take your place at my feet. I wear a petite size 6.5 and my boots are desperately in need of cleaning.
  • Latex: Such an amazing, sensual fabric. I love everything about it – either wearing it myself or watching you. Come model your best pieces for me, and I will delight in the sounds, the smell, and the delicious shine of your finery.

Did I leave out your favorite fetish or your darkest desire? Try me. I’d love to learn about your filthy little secrets and find new ways to explore together.