Mistress Saskia, Wow! What a great afternoon session I had with you yesterday. I feel like I am responsible for everyone and every thing in my life. Surrendering to you for a couple of hours was such a pleasure. I came in feeling uptight and stressed and then left so very relaxed… Read More!

Mistress Saskia, It’s Wednesday morning, the day after our last session. My endorphin level is still sky high. I feel great and like and I could conquer the world! It is amazing what a session with you can do to relieve stress… Read More!

Recently I had my first CP session with Mistress Saskia. Although I have had other relationships with professional Doms, Mistress Saskia set the bar at a completely higher level. Within one two-hour session, I learned the following things about Mistress:… Read More!

Good Evening Ms Saskia, Just wanted to thank you for another very gratifying session. The plastic wrap exercise was really something. I was shocked at how relaxed I was through the whole thing. I guess that’s the product of building a lot of trust between us. Read More!

Good Morning Mistress Saskia, Thank you so much for a great session.

You are amazing. You read me perfectly and understood exactly what I needed and what my limitations were. Read More!

The Wicked Witch of the West, Mistress Saskia. Watch out Scarecrow! Of course any trip to Denver would not have been complete without a trip to the gorgeous, intoxicating Pavlovia. I was beyond excited about it all weekend, and on Saturday I walked up the purple stairs to a huge loft with filled with exciting toys to learn some things from the lovely and just absolutely clever-as-hell Mistress Saskia. Read More!

I’m recuperating well, thanks for asking. I’ve still got some bruises in a couple tender spots (which I totally asked for), so thanks for those as well! Haha and believe it or not my abs still hurt from laughing so hard. I’m so glad that you all had fun. It was a top-notch experience for me and will be hard to beat in the future. Read More!

I have sessioned with Ms Saskia of Pavlovia Dungeon in Denver many times. She has always treated me with the utmost care and respect. Her skill and creativity never ceases to amaze me. Ms Saskia works extremely hard to ensure that sessions with her are always fun and fulfilling. I have never been disappointed. Read More!