Pavlovia is near I-225 and 6th Avenue. We are a short drive from DIA and an easy walk from a Light Rail Station. We are wheelchair-accessible.

Call us 720-404-5650 to schedule a session, 24-48 hrs notice is preferred.

New clients will need to make a deposit. Call us to get the details. cir-phone

What we need: your first name, your phone number, your basic interests and limits, any health issues, and a date and time you’d like to meet. Mistress Saskia does all the scheduling and will return your email. Please note that we do not sit around in the dungeon full time waiting for your call, so we are not likely to be available on very short notice. The more advance notice you can give, the more likely that we are to be available. An absolute minimum of two hours’ notice is advisable.

For same day sessions, call us at 720-404-5650

Session Fees

We ask a 25% deposit prior to all sessions, paid through apps. Contact us for options.

No-shows must pay a fee before we consider scheduling again. That fee will correspond to how much of a PITA someone’s been.

Sessions with One Mistress
$300 1 Hour
$450 1.5 Hours
$550 2 Hours
$700 2.5 Hours
$800 3 Hours

$200 additional per hour per Mistress for multiple domme sessions

Switch Sessions
$400 1 Hour
$500 1.5 Hours
$700 2 Hours

Couples Sessions
$400 1 Hour
$500 1.5 Hours
$700 2 Hours
$750 2.5 hours
$800 3 Hours

Couples Lessons
$200 1 Hour
$300 1.5 Hours
$350 2 Hours