MsKyrian-16-01-02Come, toys! Greet Ms. Kyrian properly, on your knees. I am one of the newest members of the esteemed Pavlovia establishment and your greatest fantasy (or fear) personified. I have been excitedly curious about the world of BDSM for over eight years. This journey has led me through the path of sex education, sex toys, BDSM and Swinger lifestyles and has finally landed me firmly with the enchanting ladies of Pavlovia. It is my honor to have apprenticed under the phenomenal Headmistress, Ms. Saskia.

I am an active lifestyle Dominant in the Denver community, but have lived and traveled the globe. I have been immersed in various sexual practices from Tantra to bondage.

I have been a Dominant woman all of my life in all arenas and this area is no different. I find great pleasure in controlling you, dominating you, forcing you to submit to my will. And trust me, you will submit! The level of my sadism knows few bounds and I’m still evolving. Beware little boys and girls, beware! Know that I will smile and laugh during your torture but I will also become very intense energetically while we connect during our scene: the deeper you go, the deeper I go!

My specialties are:
Corporal Punishment, including Spanking, Caning, Paddling and Flogging
Kyrian-2013-19Fire play
Electric Play : TENs, PES, and Violet Wand
Nipple Torture
Urethral Sounds
Golden Showers
Cross Dressing/ Forced Feminization
Ass Worship
Foot/Boot Worship

What I delight in:
Pain Sluts
Service-oriented Submission
Respectful Subs
Being pampered, spoiled and showered with gifts!

Interested in learning:
Age Play
Animal Play
Medical Play
Terror Play

Hard limits:
Animals, children, any illegal, and scat

Photos By: Broken Glass Photography

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