Session Review for June 12, 012
by (name redacted)
(After a four-hour CBT session, the last hour including Miss Quinn)

“You should be illegal!, you are intoxicating, cause euphoria, and are highly addictive, withdrawal is characterized by constant desire to return to your presence.

Truth in advertising: You state that you are “good at what you do”…This is a gross understatement. The word that comes to my mind is that you are awesome.

That you do not disappoint….should read “greatly exceeds all expectations and will take you to where you have never been but always wanted to go!!”

That you like intense play… Well it was intense for me, was it intense for you? (This is a variation of ” it was good for me , was it good for you?)

besides skilled I would describe you as intense and RELENTLESS 🙂

(in retrospect I think it was perfect that MS Quinn was there for only the last hour as it allowed me to have your full attention and concentration, although I did enjoy Ms Quinn when she arrived)

Even a blind pig can find a pearl and you are certainly a pearl. Exactly the pearl I was looking for.

Medical: My dick was like it had been scalded or badly sunburned. Did you have sandpaper on the bottom of those shoes? This does not count the bruises. I thought of you ever time I moved for days as it rubbed against my underwear, like wearing a rough shirt over a sunburn. It healed and peeled just like a sunburn, It was almost completely back to normal by Sunday. although I do have a few bald spots lol,

Thank You for being perfect,
(name redacted)