I had the wonderful, enviable opportunity to play with Ms Vylette in a public setting in September 2012. Since it was public, there were certain activities that we didn’t think it kosher to pursue. I soon learned that it didn’t matter, Ms Vylette is menacing and purposeful in any setting.

I was dressed in a somewhat tasteful yet slutty dress, accompanied by heels, gloves, and jewelry. I saved the really slutty stuff for underneath; black ruffled boy-short panties and lined stockings. She had helped me with my makeup earlier in the evening, of course, as well as my clothing selection. Ms Vylette knows how to apply feminine articles to achieve any effect, from elegant to whorish. Since I tend towards the latter, the blue eye shadow was applied with wonderful effect.

We started by selecting a play station and me removing my dress. After placing me in her desired position on the play station, she briefly examined the toys available and selected three pairs of clover clamps. She surprised me chaining them together, running them from one nipple to the other behind my back. This kept me lively and vocal since every movement I made from then on tugged and pulled on the clamps.

The rest of the play session is sort of a blur. Ms Vylette alternated between hitting me with various instruments and whispering into my ear exactly what she thought of me, bringing her lithe, sexy body against me to do so. She used her knees to adjust my position, bringing a wonderful feeling of being completely under her control. At times, she would simply look at me, locking her eyes into mine, watching me tremble and twitch with pleasure.

I honestly cannot say how long we played. 15 minutes? An hour? Probably somewhere in between. At the end of it, my mind and body were exhausted with pleasure. After being let down from the play station, I simply knelt at her feet and held on, breathing heavily and floating in a happy place.

I would definitely play with Ms Vylette again. Again and again, anytime and anywhere.