I had the wonderful, enviable opportunity to play with Ms Vylette in a public setting in September 2012. Since it was public, there were certain activities that we didn’t think it kosher to pursue. I soon learned that it didn’t matter, Ms Vylette is menacing and purposeful in any setting. Read More!

Miss Vylette and Miss Quinn provided a brilliant hour of the finest entertainment that one could ever hope to experience in their lifetime. Both women are beautiful and possess keen senses of humor and a sense of playfulness that made my session unforgettable. Read More!

Thank you for an amazing session; my nipples are still sore to the touch, and i can’t stop thinking about how great the session was. Read More!

“You should be illegal!, you are intoxicating, cause euphoria, and are highly addictive, withdrawal is characterized by constant desire to return to your presence.

Truth in advertising: You state that you are “good at what you do”…This is a gross understatement. The word that comes to my mind is that you are awesome. Read More!

Mistress Vylette does indeed have a scary wicked smile. She has beautiful eyes you could get lost in and made long eye contact a number of times. I’ve been to a couple of really impersonal doms who never make eye contact or just keep you blindfolded and don’t interact at all; makes you feel like when you go to the store and the clerk spends the whole time you check out on the phone with someone and never even acknowledges your existence. Not a problem here! Read More!