I am the sweetest sadist you will ever meet. I have been in the local scene as a switch for many years before joining Pavolvia in January 2015, and have been mentored by professionals and non-professionals during these years. I love the power involved in seduction/teasing. As a lifestyle Domme, I pride myself on my ability to do both very well. I believe that pleasure and entertainment go hand in hand and should not simply be enjoyed as an act but an experience.When I’m in dominant head space, I believe that men – regardless of social position, rank, title, income, or age – belong on their knees, at my feet. I take immense pleasure in their physical and mental anguish. I respect a slave’s service, especially one who knows that they belong at my feet and serve at my discretion. Its my pleasure to give men the opportunity to earn the right to serve me, and that right is not earned easily.

Brody Luciano

My favorite personal fetishes include fire, electro play, and duct tape. I’ve assisted with plastic wrap mummification suspensions and love CBT, I’m slowly learning shibari and am looking forward to getting lessons and practice with flogging, single tail, and medical play.

As a switch, I enjoy the aspect of power exchange. Simply appreciating the ability to let go and transfer control from myself to another. Bondage and electricity are my favorites, but I do get the urge for a stern voice and a spanking.

As to the real me, which is never far from my kink self, I am a true geek at heart. Be it Dungeons & Dragons or my personal favorite (Star Wars) any opportunity to talk about or better yet incorporate my favorite fandom into play is always immensely invigorating.

Photos By: Broken Glass Photography