Visiting-MissIsobel-04Isobel Devi visited Pavlovia from March 10th to 13th, 2017

First of all I love to be worshiped. I love gifts and flowers, and I love having my feet pampered. That’s right if you are foot-slave, foot-slut , or foot-connoisseur rejoice, because I would probably love to rest my feet on your face while I sip my coffee like a proper lady and have a chat with my girlfriend. I will rest and enjoy my beverage or read and you will be my ottoman, because that is what servants are for.

Visiting-MissIsobel-01Once I’ve consumed my coffee and metabolized at least 25% of it, the sleeping demon inside of me wakens and is hungry for your soul.

I like to consume the souls of my subjects in increments and while they are restrained. For this purpose I choose rope, because I am not the kind of girl who can just commit to one type of restraint. I want you in my control, completely. You move because I allowed it, you take the breaths I deem necessary for you to take while in my presence. And I do love to micro manage your pesky breathing needs.

For the modestly experienced I love easy and fun games of gender bending and humiliation piggies. I love strange pets. I am the hot girl next door and you’re a sweaty geek, and you don’t get any of your own lemonade, that is MY lemonade now, you only get my backwash when I feel like spitting it in and/or onto your face. I am the popular girl in school who convinced you wearing a dress and makeup is a good idea and now you have to live with your choice of trusting me.

Visiting-MissIsobel-03And once I’m done screwing around it’s time to bring out the heavy artillery. Communicate your limits with me clearly because I will follow them meticulously when I chose my implements of loving torture. My slaves have blushing cheeks. You will be spanked, paddled, maybe caned if I am lucky enough to get a sturdy one. I will find your sensitive sports and exploit them, for science! And also because your muffled cries of pain turn me on.


  • Foot worship
  • Shibari
  • Breath control
  • Degradation
  • Spitting
  • CBT
  • Electro
  • Pegging
  • Puppy play
  • Slut training
  • Sissy training

Showers, Illegal themes, Jobs… foot jobs, hand jobs, nothing with the word job!