MsVylette-2014-03Ms. Vylette’s Reviews

I had the wonderful, enviable opportunity to play with Ms Vylette in a public setting in September 2012. Since it was public, there were certain activities that we didn’t think it kosher to pursue. I soon learned that it didn’t matter, Ms Vylette is menacing and purposeful in any setting. I honestly cannot say how long we played. At the end of it, my mind and body were exhausted with pleasure. After being let down from the play station, I simply knelt at her feet and held on, breathing heavily and floating in a happy place…

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Saskia-2013-01Headmistress Saskia’s Reviews

Good Evening Ms Saskia, I just wanted to thank you for another very gratifying session. The plastic wrap exercise was really something. I was shocked at how relaxed I was through the whole thing. I guess that’s the product of building a lot of trust between us…

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Miss Brody - Professional Dominatrix at Pavlovia DenverMiss Brody’s Reviews

I didn’t know what to expect but we wanted to live out my fantasy, long hidden. It was an interesting experience and forced me out of my comfort zone. What made it better was my partner liked it too. So much so that he wanted to go again. Ms. Brody is great because she knows how to read body language and knew where I liked her hands or the tools…

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