Mistress Vylette was awesome and it was a privilege to ride in your new CBT chair’s maiden voyage.

Mistress Vylette does indeed have a scary wicked smile. She has beautiful eyes you could get lost in and made long eye contact a number of times. I’ve been to a couple of really impersonal doms who never make eye contact or just keep you blindfolded and don’t interact at all; makes you feel like when you go to the store and the clerk spends the whole time you check out on the phone with someone and never even acknowledges your existence. Not a problem here!

One of the things I really liked with both of you, and I think this is the sort of thing that comes from the top down, is I could tell right away you both really care about your subs and are really engaged and having fun. I’ve had a few crummy sessions that were along the lines of “Yawn – you’ve been bad, haven’t you? Tell Mistress you love her boobs, ho hum”; or others in which they were scary in an unhealthy way – as if the dom really hated everyone and was just barely this side of cutting something off. Not the tiniest vibe like that – no sense that this was just a boring job or that I was taking the place of an abusive ex-boyfriend. I was nervous and scared but in a horror movie/roller coaster kind of way: I knew I was going to enjoy myself and have fun, but I also felt totally safe, even though I had no idea what either of you might do. If that makes any sense. 🙂

I also enjoyed how much fun you both were obviously having – from joking about me being early and my tats to asking me to hold the empty tape roll on top my head (and I DID suck at it, didn’t I?).

Mistress Vylette was totally engaged and observant when she asked me how I was doing, checked my hands for circulation, offered me a drink, etc.

She is totally AWESOME at the whole running fingers through the hair/suddenly yanking your head back/looking at you like an expensive piece of jewelry she’s thinking about buying/sitting on your lap and teasing you bit. It created a wonderful mix of wanting to just cuddle up like a puppy and wanting to jump up, take her in my arms and carry her over to one of the tables and do a bodice-ripper romance novel cover (which, of course, we both knew wasn’t gonna happen! 🙂 ).

That plastic tape she used is really cool – it’s tight and restrictive without pinching or hurting or cutting off circulation, and it gives a really erotic “second skin” feel when it’s touched or caressed (or spanked, like you did!). It’s not hot, either; I half expected my legs and chest to be drenched with sweat when she released me but it wasn’t at all. And removing it didn’t hurt a bit (might be a minus for some folks but I’m not interested in having all the hair ripped from my inner thighs! 😉 ).

If someone put a gun to my head and demanded I balance out the review with something negative, I would say I was hoping for a bit more intensity in terms of CBT or nipple play – but then again I’m new (I remember you saying you didn’t know how stressed I could get yet) and Vylette’s still learning the ropes (hyuk hyuk) too. Everything I did get to do was as top-notch as anything I’ve ever experienced, and I got two long-standing fantasies (armbinder and the chair) finally realized.

I had a great time and she’s fantastic.