Ms. Vylette Grace

MsVylette-2015-01With years of experience and excellent training from Headmistress Saskia, it is obvious that I love what I do.

Intense scenes are especially satisfying and I am amazed by how the reactions of good submissives and bottoms and pain sluts can be so very intoxicating.

That said, I also look forward to meeting people who are new to, or curious about all of this. I enjoy introducing them to a variety of sensations for the first time.

On the weekend of Feb 5-7, 2016, I will be presenting two classes at Sin in the City in Las Vegas. If you are going to be there, please join me for: Giving a Good Spanking and Pretty Pretty Sissy.

Here are some of the areas that I excel in:

  • Bondage, Restriction, & Captivity: Using an array of leather, ropes, chains and cuffs, I can tie you up or strap you down and make any hope of escaping disappear. With a particular love for breath play and biofeedback.
  • Corporal Punishment & Impact Play: This is my specialty, a true experience of pleasure through pain. With expertise in spanking – from sensual to severe, paddling, caning, flogging, whips, crops, bare-handed hits and face slapping, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite.
  • Cock & Ball Torture: Whether it’s by kicking, crushing, trampling, or some other excruciatingly painful method, I delight in any play that involves tormenting the male genitals.
  • Foot, Heel, & Boot Worship: I wear a size 8 and I never get tired of seeing a man worshiping at my feet, praising my pretty toes, kissing my heels, or cleaning my boots. I am always pleased and amused.
  • Edge play: Sometimes the body needs a bit of work, Suturing, Stapling and Piercing… yeah, that might be just what you need. Or perhaps you’ll need something just a bit hotter, like fire!

Other types of play that I enjoy:

  • Electrostimulation – violet wand, PES and TENs units
  • Humiliation & Degradation
  • Tease & Denial
  • Grappling, Wrestling & Takedowns

Hard limits: No showers of any kind – that may change someday, but for now that’s the rule. Other hard limits (if I don’t say it, chances are someone will ask) are animals and children – and that won’t change any day.

I regularly attend local Kink Parties, and you can often see me assisting or co-presenting at one of Headmistress Saskia’s highly entertaining and educational classes.

Photos By: La Galerie Gothique, Hawksdream

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