Miss Mina now lives out of state, and is only available for long-term clients or when she returns for visits.

Hi there! My name is Mina and I am full time lifestyler who is currently working as a professional switch for Pavlovia. I am constantly looking for new experiences and sensations in the lifestyle. I am a very heavy masochist who is constantly pushing her limits. I love to play, have a very dry and playful sense of humor and love the power exchange dynamic. I have a wonderful time playing with the dynamic energy of power exchange and love the freedom that comes from being a switch. I am always open to new ideas and experiences and have a wonderful time playing with new people.

I am passionate about teaching and learning. I am a graduate of the Leather Quest Academy in SLC and have completed a mentorship under the infamous Ms. Saskia. I have earned my leather in the tradition that my community values and am always learning more about the traditional Leather community. I attend classes everywhere on just about any subject and have a list of classes I teach as well.

I am a trained hypnotist and also accept sessions for erotic hypnosis. Hypnosis is a passion of mine and my voice is well suited for it, as is my devious imagination. I do sessions live as well as on the phone. You can find my niteflirt profile listed under my websites here.

I haven’t found many types of play I don’t like. I am very open-minded and always get excited over new ideas, people and situations. I love spanking, whips, canes, cbt (yum!), and bondage of any kind (but I do LOVE rope). I have studied Japanese rope bondage for many years and LOVE when I have a willing victim…er…person to tie up. If you’re a creative person, we can build something together. If you’re naturally a powerful person, my natural submissiveness will certainly respond. If you’re playful and love to laugh.. well, I’ll probably giggle right along. Message me and see what we have in common. Please refer any scheduling requests to Ms. Saskia, our Headmistress.

I look forward to hearing from YOU!

Photos by: Retinal Candy, La Galerie Gothique, Karma67.com & Tiny Stockyard

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