Recently I had my first CP session with Mistress Saskia. Although I have had other relationships with professional Doms, Mistress Saskia set the bar at a completely higher level.

Within one two-hour session, I learned the following things about Mistress:

1. She is both “fun” and “funny.” When I first met her I was a bit nervous. As I began to walk up the stairs to her playrooms, she gave me a swat on my fanny. This little gesture took away any apprehension I might have had.

2. She is honest. I accidentally gave her too much money as I paid for my session. I would have known that I had. She immediately told me of the error and refunded the extra.

3. She listens to the needs and wishes of her clients. Our session began with a thorough discussion of my wants and needs.

4. Her facility is awesome. She has a tremendous array of bondage furniture and implements. The dungeon is spotless. The lighting and mood were perfect.

5. She is incredibly talented at her work. Mistress took me to limits I didn’t know I could reach. She was a real pro in everything she did.

6. She is flexible. Mistress knew when I was near my limit and would allow me to recover. Don’t confuse this with being soft. I went home with dark purple legs and buttocks. The lady swings a mean strap!

I give Mistress Saskia my highest recommendation. I cannot wait until my next session.

Humbly – Ken