The Power and Pleasures of Fireplay
April 20th 2013

The Wicked Witch of the West, Mistress Saskia. Watch out Scarecrow! Of course any trip to Denver would not have been complete without a trip to the gorgeous, intoxicating Pavlovia. I was beyond excited about it all weekend, and on Saturday I walked up the purple stairs to a huge loft with filled with exciting toys to learn some things from the lovely and just absolutely clever-as-hell Mistress Saskia. Mistress Saskia is one of the most esteemed, experimental, deviant practitioners of fire play I’ve ever seen. Having been attracted to fire and the peace, pain, and eroticism it offers all My life, I wanted to learn as much as I could during My visit.

Mistress Saskia, was, as I had imagined, warm, beautiful, and balanced. It’s of course just fun to be around a dominant lady like this. She began by teaching Me Her version of breath play, which is not as much about breath restriction as control and using the power of the breath for our own purposes. I had been experimenting with this previously, but now I have a great groundwork for more applications and going deeper. She even had a little game with biofeedback to show Me how My breath was changing with the exercises. I LOVE SCIENCE!

I was able to float around with Her, explore around the dungeon and check out all the fun toys and different methods. If you haven’t been in a room with two Dominas, it sounds something like this: “This one looks fun!” “Oh, this one is the harshest bastard in here!”

We then laid My slave for the day out to whip out the flames! I don’t wish to bore or divulge secrets, so I will simply say shortly, She was very thorough and helped Me to learn the many methods she employs to keep her play safe, and scads and scads of exciting things to do with this intoxicating fire. She even gave Me a little bag of goodies to take home and practice. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing with fire in the past, but now I must say it has taken over its own corner of My erotic mind.