Hi Mistress Saskia,

I’m recuperating well, thanks for asking. I’ve still got some bruises in a couple tender spots (which I totally asked for), so thanks for those as well! Haha and believe it or not my abs still hurt from laughing so hard. I’m so glad that you all had fun. It was a top-notch experience for me and will be hard to beat in the future. The worst (BEST) torture was the sticks. It was so freakin’ overwhelming when You and Miss Tulsi were jabbing me with them. The elbows were also pretty brutal. I really appreciate the fact that you three were able to dish out tickle torture with such expertise! I now know what absolutely kills me… pressure points. This was by far the most effective use of pressure points that I’ve experienced. It was truly unbearable, as you saw.

Miss Mina found a spot toward the bottom of my rib cage that almost made me throw the bell across the room in a matter of seconds. I loved being tied up by her. She has this sweet, innocent sounding voice that gets in your head while she’s taking you under. When she masked me and started torturing my nipples I was like, “Oh man this is awesome. I’m done. She wins.” It killed me in the best way possible.

You and Miss Tulsi made me throw the bell a bunch of times, which I appreciate. It was exactly what I was looking for, and more. If you’d have me back, I would certainly come to Pavlovia for another session when the tickle itch strikes again. Haha I’m even more intimidated now than I was the first time, only because now I know that if I ask to be TICKLE ASSAULTED at Pavlovia, it’ll happen and it will not be easy to take. Awesome! Thanks once again. Say hi to Miss Mina and Miss Tulsi for me, and thank them for the wonderful time. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week. Take care.