Headmistress Saskia

Saskia-2012-09I’ve been a control freak for fun and profit since 1996. I began exploring BDSM professionally and personally at that time, thinking I’d see what it was all about and whether it was worth pursuing further. I had no idea my life would eventually become completely centered on BDSM. The more I learned about it, the deeper I wanted to go.

That’s still true to this day.

One of the things I greatly enjoy about BDSM is teaching and exposing people to new ways to enjoy this part of themselves. I particularly love empowering women, and opening a house of domination and taking on apprentice dommes has been a fulfilling way to do so.

saskia-2016-11-01I’m an active member of Denver’s leather community and have been since 1996. I enjoy going to leather conferences here and in other states, and sometimes present workshops at those conferences. I also teach for smaller groups, both in Denver and in other cities.

I have a delightfully demented style of domination. I incorporate humor in all my scenes – I’m not me without it – and I’m not having fun if my play partner isn’t having fun. My best scenes have been where I’ve had a submissive laughing, crying and even singing with me. Despite the levity of my outward presentation, I can do exceptionally heavy scenes and even the bottom/submissive who’s giggling will find themselves deeper than they’ve ever gone before in BDSM play.

Note: I received my American Red Cross certifications in Blood-Borne Pathogens, First Aid and CPR in October, 2013


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